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Library Services for Faculty

The Libraries offer research help, library instruction, and support services for PennWest faculty members.

Recommended Database-Specific Linking

For the resources listed below, use the resource’s individual platform, rather than OneSearch, to create permalinks.

  • Artstor (on JSTOR)
  • Gale Databases (Literature Resource Center, Opposing Viewpoints)
  • CQ Researcher
  • New Play Exchange
  • Proquest Ebook Central
  • Statista

Instructions for these are available on the tabs below.

Artstor has moved to JSTOR. See details below. 

Create Permalinks to images or folders on Artstor (on JSTOR)

Link to individual images on Artstor (on JSTOR)

1. Locate the image on Artstor on JSTOR.

2. Highlight and copy the “Remote Access URL", found on the lower right of the image. 

Th Phillips Collection image

Link to a folder on Artstor (on JSTOR) (for linking students to multiple images at once)

1. Access Artstor (on JSTOR) and click “Workspace” on the top menu.

Artstor workspace header image

2. Open the folder and click the Share button

Artstor Tests image

3. If prompted, click to allow sharing with "Pennsylvania Western University" and then click "Copy Link".

4. Paste the link into a document or text editor and add "https://" to the beginning of the link. 

ex. Original copied link:

Change to:

5. Copy the link beginning with "https://" and paste it into the OpenAthens Link Generator

Artstor links image


Please direct any questions to Bill Meloy and Monica Ruane Rogers.

Artstor Transition to JSTOR

  • Artstor is phasing out its stand-alone interface, though it will remain operational through August 1, 2024. We recommend using Artstor (on JSTOR). See The Artstor experience on JSTOR for more information.
  • While we recommend using Artstor (on JSTOR), you may access the Artstor classic interface here or, if you have an existing personal account, you may log in directly at The classic Artstor interface will be available through July 31, 2024.

Copy your Artstor saved images (groups) to Artstor (on JSTOR)

  • If you have a personal Arstor account, you may wish to copy your saved images onto JSTOR. To do so, go to, click "Get Started", and follow the instructions.
  • Note: After you move your Artstor images to JSTOR, your Artstor account on the JSTOR and the stand-alone Artstor interface will not synch automatically. You can repeat the “copy groups” process though. 

Update your Artstor/JSTOR email. 

Is your Artstor account associated with your email (or another email you wish to switch)? If so, send an email to with the following text:

Please update my Artstor account to my new email address.
Previous email: [enter your email]
New email: [enter your email]
Previous Organization: California University of Pennsylvania
Organization: Pennsylvania Western University

Create Permalinks to CQ Research reports

1. Copy the Document URL located at the bottom of the page.

2. Paste that link into the OpenAthens Link Generator and copy the OpenAthens link.

Create a permalink in Gale databases and ebooks

1. Open the document or book and click the  button.

2. Copy the generated link. Do not add OpenAthens to the link.

Create Permalinks in New Play Exchange

Browser URLs in New Play Exchange are permalinks, but the URL needs changed to properly authenticate PennWest users.

1. Copy the browser URL on a report, graphic, or other media.

2. Paste the link into a document editor (e.g., Word, email) and change the dash in the first part of the URL to a period and remove from.

3. Paste the new URL into the OpenAthens Link Generator.

Create a permalink to a complete ebook (see instructions below linking to specific chapters)

Proquest allows full title, chapter, and page level permalinks.

1. Open the ebook.

2. Click User-added image.

3. Copy the URL

To create a persistent link to a chapter or page.

1. Click the Read Online button or select “Read Online” in the table of contents for chapter links.

2. Click  User-added image (share link) icon on the top menu of a page/chapter. Copy that link.

Create Permalinks in Statista

Browser URLs in Statista are permalinks, but the URL needs changed in order to authenticate PennWest users.

1. Copy the browser URL on a report, graphic, or other media.

2. Paste the link into a document editor (Word, email, etc) and change the dashes in the first part of the URL to periods and remove from.

3. Paste the new URL into the OpenAthens Link Generator.