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PennWest Libraries' Policies

Information for using PennWest Libraries' Resources

Carlson Library Room Use

This policy outlines the usage of individual and group study rooms in the Carlson Library. Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administration may request and reserve rooms according to their needs and room descriptions listed below. Rooms are available during regular library operating hours unless otherwise stated.

Contact Tabetha Stolzenbach at 814-393-2343 or for reservations.

Recurring reservations may be limited to a period of one semester. No single department or organization may reserve more than one room during the same time period.

Small groups are encouraged to take advantage of the semi-private rooms available on Level A, Level 1, and Level 3 of the Carlson Library and in Suhr Library and Learning Commons. Gather your study group around the table and get down to business! 

The rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis, although in special cases they may be reserved ahead of time. Please remember that Group Study Rooms are not sound-proof, and occupants should keep their noise levels in check. Those outside the room can usually hear what is being discussed inside the room.

Carlson 114, 115, 303, 304, 305, 306

1 table, 6 chairs, whiteboard


Carlson A15, A18, A19, A20

1 table, 4 chairs, whiteboard, monitor


Carlson 120 and 121

120 - 1 table, 8 chairs, whiteboard, monitor

121 - 1 table, 6 chairs, whiteboard, monitor


Carlson 125/126 Conference Room A

Capacity up to 8 people. Table, chairs, whiteboard


Carlson 122 Conference Room B

Capacity up to 24 people. Table, chairs, monitor, whiteboard


Carlson 224 Conference Room C

Capacity up to 25 people. Table, chairs, projector and screen, whiteboard


Carlson Library Instruction Lab 201

The Library Instruction Lab on Level 2 of Carlson Library (Room 201) is used for library instruction sessions that support the information literacy program of the University Libraries. The Library Instruction Lab is not designed to be used as a standard classroom; therefore, the lab may not be scheduled on a regular basis for meetings, classes, or events. Use by university faculty and staff groups can be made on an as-needed basis. Please contact Tabetha Stolzenbach at 814-393-2343 or with any requests to use the Library Instruction Lab.


Please see PennWest Event Services (EMS) in myPennWest for availability of other library spaces.