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PennWest Libraries' Policies

Information for using PennWest Libraries' Resources

Manderino Library Room Use

This policy outlines the usage of individual and group study rooms in the Manderino Library. Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administration may request and reserve rooms according to their needs and room descriptions listed below. Rooms are available during regular library operating hours unless otherwise stated.

Contact Lisa Madar at 724-938-4095 or for reservations.

Recurring reservations may be limited to a period of one semester. No single department or organization may reserve more than one room during the same time period.

MAN 316 - Viewing Room

1 table, 6 chairs 2 outlets, shelving. This is a small study room for individuals or groups.


MAN 317 - Meeting Room

2 tables, 10 chairs, 4 outlets, 1 whiteboard. More seating can be added in this room. This is a large study or meeting space for groups.


MAN 412 - Large Meeting Room

5 tables, 3 coffee tables, 6 outlets, and 1 chalkboard. Seats 30 by including the perimeter couches and chairs. This large study room is kept open for student use at any time and does not require permission to access; however, it may be reserved for a closed one-time meeting ONLY if no other space is available. Student groups and clubs can reserve it for their weekly meetings during evening hours.


MAN 320-325; 330-339; 421, 423 - Closed Study Carrels

Study Carrels are located on the 3rd and 4th floor.1 desk, 1 chair. These small rooms can be assigned to staff, faculty, administration, and graduate students for either a semester or an academic year. Requests to use a study carrel are handled through the Library Administration Office.


MAN 326-329 - Open Study Carrels

1 study carrel, 2 chairs, no door. These small study rooms have no doors and are for individuals studying and reading. They are available to use by all patrons on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot be reserved.


MAN 408 - Library Services Conference Room

Library Services Conference Room for 34. Large round conference table that seats 16, five break out tables, 18 chairs, computer with large screen TV, DVD player, projector, whiteboards, and 2 desks.

This large conference room is available for use only by PennWest University faculty, administration, or staff. A conference phone can be set up upon request.


MAN 208 - Library Instruction Classroom

Library Instruction Classroom features 73 computer workstations, 1 instructor station with a computer, 2 Infocus projectors/screens,  2 monitors for the rear of the room.

This room is intended for library instruction only. Exceptions for use are made only with approval from the Library Director. 


MAN 318 - Library Computer Lab

Library Computer Lab 30 workstations, 1 instructor station with a computer, Infocus projector and screen, and 1 white board.

Reservations are accepted in advance for non-library computer training.


Manderino Lobby

1 table, 3 chairs, no electrical outlets. This area can be reserved by student groups for fundraising, bake sales, and promotions. All materials distributed in the lobby must be approved by Library Administration.


MAN 340 - The Gallery

The Gallery was designed and is used for university approved art exhibits and events.


MAN 319 - The Gallery Annex

4 outlets, art hanging system. This is a large semi-private space; the walls do not go to the ceiling. It can be reserved for art exhibits and events.


MAN 411 - Northern Appalachian Network Conference Room

2 tables, 10 chairs, 1 credenza, 1 chalkboard. This library conference room is currently assigned for shared use by the Northern Appalachian Network and the TRIO and Academic Services offices. At this time, it is unavailable to use or reserve. 


MAN 422 - Nursing Mothers Room

One rocking chair, small table, electrical outlet, privacy screen on the window. This private room is available for use by any nursing mother. The key to the room can be signed out at the Borrowing Desk on the first floor.