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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Borrowing Policies & Procedures

Interlibrary loan or “ILL” is a service provided, usually for free through cooperative agreements with other libraries, to current students, current and/or retired faculty, staff, and administrators. Requests can be placed for books, book chapters, articles, media, and more. Requests can be scanned and delivered electronically, physically mailed to a campus location, or even to your home. Interlibrary Loan provides items from within the PennWest University Libraries Collections as well as from reciprocal libraries across the nation. Interlibrary Loan provides libraries the ability to share resources within a framework of mutual understanding and good faith. 

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Current students, faculty, staff, administrators and retired university faculty, staff, and administrators.

Books, journal articles, book chapters, AV media. Generally, it is difficult to receive an electronic book through ILL as well as bestsellers, just published titles, dissertation and master’s theses, and archival materials.
Most ILL items are free of charge. However, in certain instances copyright law requires the application of fees or supplying libraries may apply a fee. In these instances, the patron will be contacted prior to the ordering of the item and if the item is ordered and delivered the fee will be transferred onto the patron.
Most Interlibrary loans can be renewed and the renewal period is at the discretion of the lending library. Typically, renewals are granted for at least 30 days.
There are two options for placing an interlibrary loan request – ILLiad and EZBorrow.
Please submit requests well in advance of project due dates. Also, if you are submitting several requests at the same time, please note which requests are of greatest priority to your project. 
  • Physical items should be returned to your Campus Library on or before the due date. Borrowed items can be returned to the Library Borrowing/Circulation Desk. If the University Libraries are closed, California and Clarion have drop boxes located outside the main entrance of Manderino and Carlson.

For 100% Online students, please return materials prior to their due date  

  • Use the prepaid UPS return label the ILL department sent you with your material. If you do not have the printed label, please contact your Campus Library Department and a label can be emailed to you. 

  • There is no extra cost for using the UPS label, but you (the borrower) are responsible for finding a UPS drop-off location.

  • You may also return the item using the U.S. Postal Service. However, the cost of the return is on you (the borrower).

  • Articles do not need to be returned. 



Patrons are responsible for borrowed ILL materials from the moment of checkout to the moment of check in. If ILL material is lost or damaged, the patron will be charged a replacement fee and/or a processing fee that is set forth from the lending institution. A patron will receive email notification when an item is 1 week overdue, 2 weeks overdue and 1 month overdue. Replacement fees will occur when the item is more than one (1) month overdue. The patron will be notified via email of the invoiced replacement and/or processing fee(s). Fees will also appear on a patron’s university account.   

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