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Global Online Students

Discover the resources and services from the University Libraries that will be most useful to Global Online students.

Subject Guides

Subject guides are a great resource to use as a starting point for research in your discipline. A subject guide will typically contain links to subject-specific research databases, credible web resources, video resources, and other relevant resources. To locate subject guides, use the Guides quicklink on the PennWest Libraries' homepage or select Guides from the Resources dropdown menu. Choose the Subject Guides icon to find a list of all of our subject guides.



Other Guides

In addition to subject guides, the Libraries also have general guides and course guides available.

  • General guides provide information on general library resources and services, such as citations, eBooks, and how to use the library.
  • Course guides are created for a specific course and have more tailored resources than subject guides. Course guides are organized by subject or discipline area and are titled based on the course number and name.