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NURS 3050: Integrative Therapies for Wellness

This guide supports the NURS 3050 course at PennWest University.


Welcome to the NURS 3050: Integrative Therapies for Wellness Guide. This guide will introduce you to resources that may help you with your assignments and projects. Click through the pages to access course eBooks, databases, web resources, and more. If you need assistance, please visit the Help page.

NURS 3050: Integrative Therapies for Wellness

This course provides a framework for incorporating integrative therapies into the students work with people and facilitates the development of self-care. In this course the student explores integrative therapy use for both health promotion and treatment of established disease. Various practices that are grounded in research and used by multiple cultures are explored. Emphasis is placed on evidenced-based support, integration of therapies into traditional health care, health promotion, and the development of an understanding of the theoretical support of integrative therapies. Students will develop a sample plan of care that incorporates evidence-based integrative care with a specific population. Students will learn the value of integrative therapies and how to connect potential patients with qualified providers. They will also develop the ability to use these therapies for self-care. (Open to all students in the College of Health Sciences). Offered spring, summer and fall.

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