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Library Services for Students

Overview of PennWest University Libraries resources and services for students.


PennWest Libraries has implemented an upgraded user interface for OneSearch and other EBSCO databases. The intuitive design includes enhancements for searching, article and ebook viewing, linking, and citation management.

Links in the AtoZ Databases list point to the new interface.

I have EBSCO links to articles and ebooks.  Do I need to update those?

  • No! Existing permalinks to articles, ebooks, and other resources will still work after we switch to the new interface. Faculty DO NOT need to update links in D2L.

Are all EBSCO databases available on the new interface?

Can I access EBSCO databases on the classic (old) interface?

  • Individual EBSCOhost databases (PsycINFO, CINAHL, Academic Search Ultimate) are available using the classic EBSCO interface, as well as the new interface. Select the database you wish to search from this menu of EBSCO databases. This link is also available on the AtoZ Databases list under EBSCOhost (Classic Interface).
  • OneSearch is only available through the new interface. 

What will happen to the articles and ebooks I have saved in my EBSCO folder?

  • Those will transfer over automatically, UNLESS you have created custom folders in your EBSCO account. If so, you will need to move Custom Folder contents to your My Folder to make them available on the new platform. To do so (or to check if you have custom folders), go to EBSCOhost Classic, select Folder on the top navigation bar, and follow these steps.


Where can I learn more about the functionality of EBSCO’s new user interface?

  • This tutorial and guide, both created by EBSCO, demonstrate the functionality and tools on the new platform.

What if I have more questions or need help with the new EBSCO interace?

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