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NURS 6455: Nursing and Health Policy

This guide supports the NURS 6455 course at PennWest University.


Welcome to the NURS 6455: Nursing and Health Policy Guide. This guide will introduce you to resources that may help you with your assignments and projects. Click through the pages to access course eBooks, databases, web resources, and more. If you need assistance, please visit the Help page.

NURS 6455: Nursing and Health Policy

This course examines the implications of health care financing, structuring, labor market trends, and current health care reform proposals for nursing in general and for advanced practice nursing specifically. Additionally, the student will be stimulated to appreciate the critical need for nurses to engage in activities, individually and as members of professional organizations, that will enhance the position of nursing in influencing health care policy and legislation at all levels-local, state, and federal. A pervasive theme throughout the course is the ultimate goal of improving the health care of our citizens.

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