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MGMT 4100: Management Research

This guide supports the MGMT 4100 course at PennWest University.

Course Description

MGMT 4100: Management Research

This course explores practical business application for formulating solutions to managerial problems. Students will also design a questionnaire, analyze with descriptive statistics, report data, and demonstrate academic writing skills. The course balances team activities with independent research and other techniques. Writing intensive class.

Course Professor: Dr. Miguel Olivas-Lujan


Welcome to the MGMT 4100: Management Research Guide. This guide is for doing research for your Management Research course and can help you with your assignments or projects. Click through the tabs on the left for information on using books and eBooks, journals and databases, and web resources to research business information. 

Use the Journals and Databases page to find journal articles and databases that are relevant to company related topics. The Web Resources page contains links to business web sites. Refer to the Citations and Style Guides page for links to information about matters of style and creating citations. More help is available through the Help page.