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HRMG 3100: Compensation Management

This guide supports theHRMG 3100: Compensation Management course at PennWest University.

Course Description

HRMG 3100: Compensation Management

An examination of the general structure of an organization and the rewards employees seeks in exchange for the efforts and contributions they provide. Topics to be offered include people and word rewards, a motivating work environment, government and market influences, job contract analysis, developing pay structures, pay for performance, employee benefits, and administration of the compensation plan.


Welcome to the HRMG 3100: Compensation Management Guide. This guide is for doing research on human resources management and can help you with your assignments or projects. Click through the tabs on the left for information on using books & eBooks, journals and databases, and web resources to research business information. 

Use the Journals & Databases tab to find journal articles and databases that are relevant to company related topics. The Statistical Resources tab and Web Resources tab contains links to human resources management web sites. Refer to the Citations and Style Guides tab for links to information about matters of style and creating citations. More help is available through the Help tab.