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CNUR 340: Nursing in Transition

This guide supports the CNUR 340 course at PennWest University.


Welcome to the CNUR 340: Nursing in Transition Guide. This guide will introduce you to resources that may help you with your assignments and projects.

Click through the tabs for information on using books and eBooks, journals and databases, web resources, and more. If you need assistance, please visit the Help tab.

CNUR 340: Nursing in Transition

Competency in written communication skills is an essential element of professional nursing practice. The ability to communicate on a scholarly level differentiates the baccalaureate prepared nurse as a professional. Through the development of scholarly writing skills, students will have the opportunity to explore ideas and develop connections between new knowledge. This course requires students to complete a substantial body of finished written work in a variety of forms. Topics for professional writing will include an examination of values important to the discipline of nursing and the application of theory to nursing practice. (Open to RNs and Pre-RN-BSN students; Prerequisite: English 111; offered every term as needed.)


Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate effective professional written communication utilizing APA format.
2. Apply theory to practice in a formal document.
3. Participate in scholarly discussions regarding ethical issues in nursing.
4. Explore the role of the nurse within the inter-professional team.
5. Demonstrate clinical thinking skills through scholarly discussions and professional writing.
6. Understand the concepts of health promotion as it relates to professional nursing practice.