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CNUR 342: Professional Nursing Practice

This guide supports the CNUR 342 course at PennWest University.


Welcome to the CNUR 342: Professional Nursing Practice Guide. This guide will introduce you to resources that may help you with your assignments and projects.

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CNUR 342: Professional Nursing Practice

This course focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the professional nurse at the baccalaureate level. Emphasis is placed on individual critical thinking skills, conflict resolution, advocacy, and ethical standards as they relate to professional practice. The course examines interprofessional communication skills and collaboration with other health care professionals. Students are provided with opportunities to apply theoretical models of professional nursing to clinical experiences. (Open to all students enrolled in the RN-BSN Program and Pre-RN-BSN Students.)


Upon completion of this course, the student will:
1. Apply concepts of clinical models and theories to clinical practice. (EBP)
2. Evaluate the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for making sound clinical judgments. (Critical thinking)
3. Examine the impact of personal values, biases, and experiences on individual thinking about nursing practice. (Professionalism)
4. Integrate clinical judgment, interprofessional perspectives, and individual and family preferences in promoting health. (Health Promotion)
5. Reflect on how to think like a nurse within a collaborative, interprofessional team. (Leadership)
6. Communicate effectively with individuals, families, and members of the health care team. (Communication)