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CECN 460-400: Applied International Economics

This guide supports the CECN 460 Applied International Economics course at PennWest University.


Welcome to the Applied International Economics Source Guide. This guide will introduce you to economic development resources that may help you with your assignments and research. Click on the tabs to the left for information on using books and e-books, journals and databases, and web resources to research International Economic Relations information.

For a list of books and e-books on a variety of International Economic Relations topics go to the Books and E-Books tab.

Use the Journals and Databases tab to find journal articles and databases that are relevant to International Economic Relations related topics.

The Web Resources tab contains links to International Economic Relations web sites.

Follow the Video Resources tab to watch subject related movies from the Films on Demand database.

Refer to the Citations and Style Guides tab for links to information about matters of style and creating citations.

More help is available through the Help tab.

CECN 460: Applied International Economics

This LibGuide is designed for CECN 460: Applied International Economics

Examines the theory and practice of international trade, with and applied focus. Considers balance of payments, foreign exchange, national commercial policies, international investment, and foreign aid from the dual perspectives of theory and policy. The course will place a significant amount of weight on current economic conditions to provide students with relevant and usable information on the global business environment. .