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AART 422: Art History: The Art World After Modernism

The guide supports the AART 422 course at PennWest University.

Welcome to AART422

Welcome to the Carnegie!


The British American Scarecrow

Mohammed Sami

Patricia Belli

Thu Van Tre


Banu Cennetoglu

Pacita Abad

 The Suitcase

Hiromi Tsuchida

  In the Meantime?

Christian Nyamata

Lothar Baumgarten

Organized by Sohrab Mohebbi, the Kathe and Jim Patrinos Curator of the 58th Carnegie International and associate curator Ryan Inouye with curatorial assistant Talia Heiman, the exhibition traces the geopolitical imprint of the United States since 1945 to situate the “international” within a local context. The exhibition borrows its title from a Mayan Kaqchikel expression, where instead of saying “Good morning” it is customary to ask, “Is it morning for you yet?” Inspired by a conversation with artist Édgar Calel, who will present a new commission for the show, Is it morning for you yet? acknowledges that human beings’ internal clocks and experiences are different: when it’s morning for some, it might still be night for others.