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PennWest University Libraries

This guide is designed to alert you to known issues and update you about changes as we continue our transition to an integrated library.

Remote Access

  1. General - In the past, you typically had to supply a valid university username/email and password to login remotely to library resources. Now, once you're logged-in to PennWest, you should be taken directly to the resource you click-on. IF you are prompted for a login, you should use your PennWest username, email address, and password. California, Clarion, and Edinboro credentials you used in the past will no longer work.
  2. Ebooks - Accessing and using ebooks can pose their own unique set of challenges. Our ebooks' guide provides information on and troubleshooting tips for accessing and using ebooks.
  3. Problem? - If you have any problems accessing a resource or service, please contact us with a description of the problem. Someone will get in-touch with you as soon as possible.